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 Reporting UCers.

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Reporting UCers.  Empty
PostSubject: Reporting UCers.    Reporting UCers.  EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 7:34 am

When reporting Underclockers, be sure to follow these guidelines.

1. You should always include a screenshot of "Tab" with their ping. If this is not included, your report may not be looked at.

2. The video must be at least a decent amount of time. No 5-7 second videos will be allowed

3. There must be more than just you and the person(ucer) in the room. This is to be sure that it is actually legit and you didn't do anything to modify the file.

4. Take multiple video recordings if possible. Sometimes other videos display different results, especially if the person is decent at hiding it.

5. And of course, be sure to include the users name in the report.
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Reporting UCers.
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