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 Technical Support

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Technical Support  Empty
PostSubject: Technical Support    Technical Support  EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 7:28 am

Technical Support Section

Here is a short summary of the section.

Technical Support Rules.

1. Don't post answers that were already posted. This is called posting for post count and you will be infracted.
2. Please be detailed in what's wrong, if you can't explain the issue, please post a screen shot along with it.
3. Be patient, not everyone responds to a thread as quick as you would like them to respond.
4. Be kind, please do not be rude to those who made the thread or those who were posting in the thread.
5. Submit all threads in understandable English.
6. Please don't post on a thread unless you can help the person with the problem. Your post will be deleted and you will be given an infraction.

1. Keep updated on the forum rules and on the game rules. They have a tendency to change.
2. If you're unsure about something, make sure to contact the HGMS/SFMs (Some GMS might not know and sometimes their answers aren't accurate, the same for FMs)
3. Remember, just because you think something's a joke doesn't mean other people think it's a joke. So the best method to avoid any disputes to make sure the person knows it's a joke. If the person doesn't like it, swallow your pride and apologize.
4. Use common sense, but also use number 2 as well. Common sense isn't 100% Truthful nor reliable. Which is why you should ask questions
5. Re-read what you're going to post before you post it.
6. If you're wanting to appeal against a ban or an unmute, have some level of respect. You only have two options. 1) You can carry on being discourteous, which will hurt your appeal. 2) You can stay respectful as it symbolizes the way you want to represent yourself. Even so, if you really want to help yourself, your best alternative is to show respect. Who knows, being civil might strengthen your case?


Loading Issue: If you can't start the same or it crashes while starting, use this. Please also post your MLOG in your SoliDGunZ folder as well.

Other Issue: Anything else.
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Technical Support
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