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 Prefix Usage

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Prefix Usage  Empty
PostSubject: Prefix Usage    Prefix Usage  EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 7:25 am

You must use a prefix in order to display what kind of problem is occurring with your account.

Payment Issue: Anything related to SD Coins or Donation Items.

Usergroup Change: This includes both the forums and game. This is if you have lost your color in game or want the special forum color for giving a payment to SoliDGunZ.

HGM Related Issue: Anything account or character related. Need an email change, character restored, or something general is wrong with your account.

Falsely Banned: Use if you want to appeal a ban.

Falsely Muted: Use if you want to appeal a mute.

Other Issue: Anything that isn't what I described above.
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Prefix Usage
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