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 Event Types

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PostSubject: Event Types    Event Types  EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 7:12 am

Event Types and Descriptions

1. Die by Nade
Description: The main object of this game is to Die as soon as possible by grenades thrown by
Staff members. The last person to die in each round gets kicked to the lobby until there is 1
person, the winner, left. You are not allowed to /suicide, doing so will jeopardize your spot in the

Points: 1
Suggested Maps: Catacomb and Hall.

2. Dodgeball
Description: This is like a LMS event except you are required to stay in bounds.
GameMasters will use uber rocket launchers and try to kill you. The last person alive in each
round will win a point.

Points: 3, 5, or 7.
Maps: Cybersports or Superflip.

3. Hide and Seek
Description: You have 30 seconds - 1 minute to find a good hiding spot. After that
duration, the GMs will come and attempt to find you in the map. You can't move after
the timer reaches 0.

Points: 3, 5, or 7.
Suggested Maps: Castle, Caves of Recreation, Dungeon, Port, Ruin, or Town.

4. Kill the GM/Admin
Description: Players will be directed to kill one of the Admins/GMs in the room. You will get one
point for killing the correct GM/Admin. However, if you kill the wrong GM/Admin, you will lose a point.
Once you've reached -3 points, you will be be disqualified from the event. Admins will not use high
damage ubers, instead, they will use donor/admin regular items.

Points: 3 or 5. More than 5 rounds can take up to 2 hours to complete.
Suggested Maps: Any map will do.

5. Last Man Standing (LMS)
Description: Players must dodge GameMasters while they use over powered 1 hit weapons.
The object of this event is to be the last surviving person each round. Each time you win a round, you
will receive a point.

Points: 3, 5, 7, or 9.
Maps: Any map will do.
Suggested/Fun Maps: Castle, Dungeon, Garden, Island, Town, any basic type maps.

6. Race
Description: You want to complete the course as quick as possible. Multi round event.
Round Description:
Round 1: 16 Players. The first 8-9 players to cross the finish line go on to the next round. Map: Skillmap v1
Round 2: 8-9 Players. The first 6-7 players to cross the finish line go on to the next round. Map: Skillmap v2
Rounds 3-4: 6-7 Players. The first 4-5 players to cross the finish line will move on to round 4.

Another version of this event is called DeathRace. You try to race while GameMasters are trying to
kill you from the finish line. Please note: There are many different variants of this Event, but all will be very
similar to the above description.

Map: Skillmap v3 during round 3 OR SuperFlip courses intermediate/expert during rounds 3 and 4 if you
decide to host 4 rounds.

7. Staff Says

Description: Similar to "Simon says". If the event host says, "jump" you jump. If the event host doesn't say
to "jump" then you don't jump. The winner of each round will receive a point.

Points: 3 or 5.
Suggested Maps: Skillmap v2, Superflip, or any map that is spread out.

Player Suggested Events:

More will be added to the list later.

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Event Types  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Event Types    Event Types  EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 7:31 pm

Changed format, and to make it easier to find an event I've put them in alphabetical order.
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Event Types
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